Employee Development and Training
At the heart of TranSystems’ Employee Development & Training is a simple concept - people are at their best when they are challenged and appreciated. TranSystems recognizes employees who challenge themselves by helping them grow professionally and personally through several programs. Some programs are grass roots driven, others encourage and recognize individual and team efforts - all enhance skills and abilities. It is through bettering ourselves that TranSystems’ employees excel at being experts in a variety of disciplines and we continue being leaders in the transportation industry.

At TranSystems, Employee Development & Training is not just about programs, but is also the unofficial pat on the back or “Way-to-go!” when one of our employees sees an above-and-beyond performance. TranSystems believes employee development, recognition and training is everyone’s responsibility.

Below are a few of the programs TranSystems has embraced and put in place specifically to promote the development of our employees.


Excellence in Action

TranSystems’ Excellence in Action program recognizes employees who go above-and-beyond in key areas of Service, Quality and Job Performance. It is our belief that success is achieved and maintained only when we encourage all employees to not only perform well themselves, but to acknowledge and honor those that “raise the bar.” Recipients of this award are recognized at office meetings and eligible for the annual regional Excellence in Action award. These Regional winners receive an all-expenses-paid weekend for two to one of the Client Appreciation Events, which include VIP tickets to an IndyCar race.


Memberships/Professional Organizations

TranSystems encourages all employees to improve work-related capabilities, including studying for and obtaining professional certifications and licenses. TranSystems actively partners with local, regional and national transportation industry trade associations. Our experts are often asked to sit on organization boards and committees, as well as participate in roundtables, breakout sessions and other presentations. Participation in these organizations helps our professionals share their knowledge and stay abreast of current industry topics and events.

Click on the following link for a sample listing of the associations in which we are involved. Click here to learn more.


Project Grow

TranSystems is invested in the future success of the company and its employees. One way we participate in achieving that success is to assist employees in defining and accomplishing their career goals through mentoring. Project GROW: Generating Relationships/Obtaining Wisdom is our custom mentorship program that focuses on helping individuals explore their career paths by creating relationships and being a part of constructive conversations on a regular basis. Our-senior level employees are matched with mid- and entry-level employees and meet monthly to discuss a wide variety of topics; from career goals to marketing pursuits to work-life balance … the list is endless.



As an organization, we work to keep ourselves on the leading edge of professional consulting services. We take the same approach with our people “Partners.” At TranSystems’, we take the idea of professional growth seriously; working to give our people every tool they need to help build their careers and achieve personal success.

Our on-site educational programs provide courses in leadership, sales & marketing, project management, software usage, safety and other specialized courses.

Through TransU, we support the growth of our Partners throughout various stages of development.
  • Mentorship (Project GROW)
  • Partner Development
    • Technical Growth and Development
    • Leadership/Management Development
    • Client Management Development


Partner Development

We recognize that the success of our business requires the talents of everyone at TranSystems. Each role or position in our company has a purpose and all employees are considered Business Partners in our enterprise.

The Partner Performance & Development Committee (PPDC) was established by the TranSystems’ Board of Directors to safeguard and further refine TranSystems’ leadership development standards by identifying and creating a comprehensive process for selecting future TranSystems’ leaders.

Three general practice areas critical to our organization’s success revolve around developing specialized skills, managerial and leadership capabilities and client relationship and sales success.

Beyond on-site development, we encourage our employees to expand professionally by obtaining credentials and exposure to other professionals for continued growth and innovation.
  • Continuing Education and Tuition Assistance
  • Professional Registration/Licensing and Certification
  • Professional Society Memberships


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