“TranSystems is a great place to work…because of our people!”
Jennifer’s life is the TranSystems life: active, engaged, broad, dependable and…valued.
Q: Tell these fine people reading this what your title is.
A: Business Development Supervisor - Midwest Region.

Q: What was the educational and career path that got you here, both to TranSystems and to your spot on the team?
A: I graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with an emphasis in Organizational Development and English. Immediately after graduation, I moved to Chicago where I worked as a Marketing Coordinator for a national, financial services firm.

I moved back to Kansas City to be near my family again and started looking for a new career. Working with a recruiter I was introduced to TranSystems, scheduled to interview, and then was hired as a BDC assigned to the Midwest’s MS11 and 30 pursuits - that was nearly seven years ago!

Q: What might not be immediately apparent about your days just from the title?
A: Our industry deadlines throughout a project can be negotiated, but that is not true in the pursuit stage!
In order to first win the work that supports our entire organization, the pursuit team has to dot all the i’s, cross all the t’s, and make sure nothing stops us from meeting the client’s deadline!
The dedication of this group (nationally, of course) is remarkable!

Q: Now….to the heart of the matter. I won’t hold you to this exact day, but average out your activities over the last couple weeks and tell us what ‘a day in the life’ might be like.
A: Oh, you picked a heck of two weeks for me to document! The past two weeks have included:
  • My team wrote and produced 12 proposals (88 YTD, not including the 25 Quals Statements, and seven national project award nomination submittals).
  • We hosted our sixth Annual TranSystems/Racing For Kids’ Golf Tournament.
  • Planning, planning, planning; packing 100 gift bags, coordinating nearly 90 golfers, a dozen volunteers, the NIKE store, and the course staff… It’s always challenging but also very energizing!
  • I’ve been preparing for the Society of American Military Engineers national conference (SAME’s Joint Engineering and Training Conference).
  • Paul and I have been working with the St. Louis staff to plan their Open House event at their new offices in the historic Laclede’s Landing building which is just steps away from our Eads Bridge Project.

Q: I think you like this work very much, yes? Tell us why.
A: I do indeed! **No day is ever the same… I’m always working on a new project (preparation/strategy, planning, proposal writing, interview preparation, etc. for all of our Market Sectors).**

Q: Tell me about the people around you, up and down the halls. Tell me about TranSystems.
A: Funny, I had lunch today with one of the “old” guys and a couple of the young, rising star, engineers and the best thing I heard across the board from each one of them is how much they enjoyed the people with whom they work. That’s a great thing to hear, “TranSystems is a great place to work… because of our people!”

Q: Ok, miss, we’ll let you get back to it. One more thing, I’ve got a niece interested in going into engineering. Any advice for her?
A: She’s in what grade? For middle-schoolers there is the MATHCOUNTS Club Program and other pre-engineering electives in which she could participate. For high schoolers, the Blue Valley District has an amazing program called the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) which the most amazing educational facility I’ve ever experienced.
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