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For more than a quarter century, TranSystems has successfully fused the principles of industrial design and interior design to create spaces for the passenger rail and transit, federal, manufacturing and distribution, and aviation sectors, where function and façade are highly complementary. Our qualifications go one-step further to the realm of retail design. Today, presentation and environment have as much to do with the sale of a product as the product itself. Our staff designs retail environments that challenge convention, surprise and entertain, and welcome and delight. We ensure that the design affords the utmost in convenience and efficiency.

To support and implement the firm’s objectives, key individuals with expertise in various disciplines and broadly diversified experience are represented on TranSystems’ staff. These professionals bring technical resources into tight focus creating distinctive and practical solutions to achieve measurable business goals. TranSystems creates attractive facilities that have the potential to increase your sales and strengthen your brand image; signage that makes positive impressions on consumers, and environments highly attuned to the needs of customers.

TranSystems professionals keep pace with developing trends and technologies to meet your most challenging needs – in all of our design disciplines: interior design, branding, retail design, graphic design, and architecture. TranSystems’ staff of qualified personnel, philosophy of executive involvement and strong following of repeat clients, has led TranSystems to be ranked consistently in Interior Design Magazine’s survey of the nation’s top 100 interior design firms for 16 consecutive years.

TranSystems value-added approach to design has earned us the confidence and loyalty of many top companies – Duty-Free International, Hudson News, McDonald’s, National Geographic, Starbuck’s, Travel Basics, and including 40 lounge facilities for the premier airline carriers, including Delta Air Lines, American, Northwest, Virgin Atlantic, US Airways, British Airways and United Air Lines. Our projects and clients in the federal sector include a number of dormitories and other types of base housing and amenities, hangars, and more for the US Air Force and the US Army.

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