Facility and Track Design

Rail service is one of the most efficient ways to transport large quantities of product from one point to the next. TranSystems assists clients who desire to locate near and develop access to rail assets in decision-making around the type of rail service that would be most beneficial, considering the type of service the railroad can provide in a particular area.

For example, a smaller facility could look at having a spur track to accommodate its needs, while larger facilities could benefit from having a rail yard or rail loop system to reap the cost savings benefit of unit or shuttle train type services.

Our staff analyzes potential car movements in the yard to develop an internal rail operating plan. We review a number of alternatives to determine the plan and design a rail yard specific to the client’s needs, along with the needs and requirements of the serving railroad. Our professionals ask the right questions and work with the client to develop the appropriate size rail service plan to provide the appropriate access now and in the future with business planning tools that will ensure a successful location is built.
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