Barksdale AFB 8th Air Force Design Build

NAVFAC Southeast

Project Summary

NAVFAC Southeast, Shreveport, Louisiana

Barksdale AFB was selected for the location of the new Global Strike Command Headquarters, requiring the renovation of Building 5345 to provide HQ space for the 8th Air Force.  TranSystems prepared a comprehensive demolition package to gut the building and remove outdated building systems and HAZMAT, and a Design/Build RFP.  The goal is to utilize building technologies to achieve fully functional and flexible administrative spaces that embrace construction and long-term operating cost savings married with environmental sustainability. Numerous SCIF areas are contained within the facility, along with a General Officer’s suite.

Project Highlights

  • Comprehensive demolition package and design/build RFP
  • Use building technology to achieve fully functional and flexible spaces for long term cost savings
  • Environmental sustainability

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