Poff Federal Building Renovations

General Services Administration

Project Summary

TranSystems is leading a renovation project to “green” the 14-story Poff Federal Building in Roanoke, VA. Major features include the replacement of two extensive glass curtain systems with energy-efficient windows, a solar-roof system. and geothermal heating/cooling. The GSA noted that the project "...should be regarded as a successful model for the optimization of innovative solutions and progressive technology in meeting the demands of both the tenants and public."  Prior to award of the design contract, TranSystems completed a comprehensive Prospectus Development Study.  The modernization project is intended to achieve LEED Silver certification.

Project Highlights

  • Renovation, modernization and greening of Poff Federal Building
  • Replacement of glass curtain systems, adding energy efficient windows, solar roof system, geothermal heating and cooling

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