Integrated Service Offerings

With a full spectrum of disciplines, industry focus, and geographic reach, we have the tools to take our client’s vision from the conceptual environment to the built environment.  We can provide you with an entire suite of services – facility and track design and construction management – or we’ll work with you on individual elements of a project to meet your needs – construction inspection, utility coordination, simulation/modeling, environmental compliance, or survey services to name a few.  Our experience crosses the entire spectrum of transportation-related systems, we tailor our approach to your individual project.

Moving people and products to their destination calls for the absolute best in planning, analysis, design and implementation. Our architectural, engineering and planning services are enriched by the integration of our management consulting, security and real estate expertise. Working together in unison, these domains of knowledge come together under one roof…in service to our clients.

Bridge Inspection

TranSystems has a national reputation for excellence and innovation in the inspection and evaluation of highway, railroad, and transit bridges.  Click here to read more

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is characterized by the creation and use of intelligent objects that contain information about the object’s geometry, characteristics, and parameters. This makes available a reliable, coordinated, and consistent digital representation of the building for design decision making, construction documentation, construction planning, and performance predictions.  Click here to read more

Rail Modeling

A railroad system is a complex system with interaction between components and variables that are not always easy to predict or control.  Click here to read more

Positive Train Control

TranSystems brings a unique set of expertise to our clients in the area of positive train control (PTC). We have worked with freight railroads in early stages of PTC development, have become specialists in railroad-GIS data collection/conversion/management, and have an understanding of the regulatory and technical issues facing all Class I railroads. Click here to read more

Tie Inspection

TranSystems has served the freight rail industry since our inception more than 40 years ago. Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to consistently provide a superior quality of work that is cost-effective to our clients.  Click here to read more

Commercial Power Application

Railroads require metered commercial power installations at hundreds of locations system-wide for rail crossings, signals and related power requirements. Click here to read more

Structural Engineering

From a hardworking megaton freight rail bridge, to a soaring airport atrium, to the tarmac on which a military bomber lands and the state-of-the-art hangar that houses it, structural engineering is the necessary support of any facility’s utilitarian design. Click here to read more

Civil Engineering

TranSystems specializes in civil engineering for industrial, commercial, maritime, government installations and sites, as well as for transportation infrastructure.  Click here to read more

Bridge Design and Engineering

At TranSystems, we plan and design new bridges to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, safe, and economical. TranSystems excels in providing successful alternatives for preliminary scoping studies by working directly with our clients to focus on solutions to complex problems.  Click here to read more

Rail Engineering

Class 1 railroads trust our rail engineer teams to plan, design and manage their track and yard expansion projects as if we were an extension of their staff. Rail-served intermodal yards and distribution centers are among TranSystems’ specialties. Click here to read more

Rail/Track Design

Rail service is one of the most efficient ways to transport large quantities of product from one point to the next. TranSystems not only helps railroads design track expansions, but also assists in decision-making for clients who desire to locate near and develop access to rail assets, identifying and designing the type of rail service that would be most beneficial.  Click here to read more
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