Victoria to Rosenberg Revitalization Project

Kansas City Southern Railway

Project Summary

In pursuit of its goal of expanding its north-south line into Mexico, Kansas City Southern Railway Company hired TranSystems’ team of experts in structures, track, track subgrade, roadways, survey, hydraulic/hydrological studies, and environmental issues for programmatic management services. The team performed design and management from the conceptual level through final design and construction for reopening the 87-mile Victoria to Rosenberg rail line. The design improved the railroad’s ROI, generating millions of dollars in savings by cutting 80 miles from the route from Laredo to Houston, and by eliminating car charges on other railroads. TranSystems’ innovative cash-free solution found a market for the scrap iron that paid for the entire labor cost for clearing the tracks.

Project Highlights

  • Program management services
  • Improved railroad's ROI
  • Cut 80 miles from route from Laredo to Houston
  • Found market for scrap iron to pay for entire labor for clearnign the tracks

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