Opportunity Assessment

An Opportunity Assessment is a study of a company’s logistics business through the use of data/information collection and analysis, interviews and performance benchmarking. The end objective of this assessment is the identification and prioritization of opportunities for taking action to maximize performance while containing investment and operating costs.

Opportunity Assessments can unlock the potential of your distribution center often without needing to spend a dime on equipment, technology or software. Hidden productivity gains can be found within the four walls by uncovering poor methods, inefficient material flow, bad facility conditions and lack of adequate training. After assessment of such “low-hanging fruit” opportunities, more advanced analyses can be initiated.

TranSystems has a tradition of quickly identifying low-investment, quick fixes that can be leveraged to jump-start capital improvement projects – and then take the process one step further by providing a detailed Project RoadMapSM and action plan to drive expected results.
TranSystems consultants are experienced across multiple industries and operating environments. Our fresh perspective, coupled with proven methodology and client knowledge, provides the foundation for identifying opportunities and achieving measurable results. Our staff can provide assessments in the following areas to identify the right balance, method and investment solutions to provide a clear road-map to a more effective and efficient distribution center.
  • Warehouse Production, Process, Material and Information Flow
  • Warehouse Product Slotting Effectiveness
  • Warehousing and Transportation Operations
  • Supply Chain Network Structure
  • Assets – Facilities, Material Handling and Transportation Equipment and Human Capital
  • Inventory Management
  • Technology – Hardware and Software, i.e., Bar Code, RFID, Voice; ERP; Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization; Warehouse, Labor and Transportation Management Systems; Supply Chain Visibility and Event Management
In essence, TranSystems’ Opportunity Assessments serve the same function as medical check-ups. They evaluate the health of supply chains and establish treatment programs to restore, build or improve upon existing best practices. Further, a successful assessment develops performance metrics that can be monitored to track progress and assure continuous improvement.

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