Strategic Sourcing and Inventory Management

For many companies, inventory is the single largest asset on the balance sheet. The ability to maximize order fill rates within the company’s defined service level objectives and concurrently minimize inventory assets is one of the most challenging aspects of supply chain management. Today, there are many powerful technology applications available to facilitate the inventory optimization effort. The TranSystems strategic sourcing practice includes helping companies with tactical purchasing and demand planning technologies and business processes. TranSystems goes well beyond the tactical issues by helping companies evaluate profound business decisions that ultimately have the power to reshape the competitive position of the business.

For example, TranSystems works with retailers seeking to understand the cost benefits of moving merchandise through their own distribution network versus through distributor networks versus through direct store delivery channels. This type of study typically involves exposing the hidden costs that are embedded within a product’s net landed cost of goods. TranSystems also works with manufacturers to evaluate which products/volumes to produce internally versus outsourcing to contract manufacturers. Similarly, companies seeking to optimize global sourcing, shipping and distribution options work with TranSystems to maximize their economic performance in these domains.

TranSystems evaluates and simulates inventory levels for different strategic scenarios using advanced technology applications and techniques. These applications enable a detailed understanding of the impact on inventory turns associated with different stocking strategies being evaluated.  


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