Bridges and Related Structures

Bridges are among a transportation authority’s and rail owner’s most complicated and costly assets. Capital intensive to construct and operate, these critical links in our transportation network must be designed by a trusted advisor who knows how the extract their highest possible benefit. TranSystems is ranked as one of the Top 15 bridge firms in the United States. Our expertise is evidenced by our selection to write the guidelines that are now the standards by which all the nation’s bridges are inspected and rated.

TranSystems’ bridge engineering services are geared toward meeting customers’ needs while minimizing infrastructure costs. Our engineers have completed the safety inspection of more than 40,000 bridges across the United States – from major signature landmark structures over our largest rivers to rural local crossings of narrow streams – a collection of fixed and moveable highway, pedestrian, and railway bridges of all types and sizes.

In addition to providing bridge inspection services, TranSystems regularly assists with all types of structural projects, including: rehabilitation, load rating, partial and full replacement, grade separation structures, maintenance services/planning, constructability reviews, and much more.

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