3-D Design Visualization

Design visualization is a rapidly expanding requirement for a broad spectrum of projects, and is being used to get client feedback and direction on projects in order to fine tune different aspects of a project with specialty subcontractors. For municipalities and community organizations, videos and renderings are regularly used in public engagement efforts. They help demonstrate the project and create a visual element for town meetings and project Web sites for large scale civil engineering projects as well as planning and environment studies. Rendered illustrations and video also bring an added element to large-scale pursuits, making a lasting impression with stakeholders. Also used in concept projects for federal government entities, design visualization is used to gain congressional funding for military architectural projects.

TranSystems is capable of meeting a full range of graphics and design visualization requirements for 3D renderings and animated video production. We utilize state-of-the-art modeling and graphics software and hardware combined with the spark of creativity to deliver engineering media products that display design projects. Projects small or large, from bus stops to bridges, or a single building to entire community, will see great benefits in communicating easily understood design concepts.

TranSystems' 3D design professionals are capable of working with project input from many different sources: 2D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models, hand drawings and sketches, photos, and verbal instruction to name a few. Output can be in the form of renderings for use on the internet, as illustrations to support design documents, or high resolution photo quality prints suitable for framing. Additionally, TranSystems provides full video services, featuring 3D animation of the design project within its realistic environment. Today's productions are big impact productions with live video, narration, background music, and 3D animation done in a cinemagraphic style. As transportation design specialists, we include any vehicles or equipment relevant to the project, even if it must be custom created. Extra touches in environment context and minute details of the design set a TranSystems production apart from the rest. 

Transystems currently provides Design Visualization services for the federal government and military entities; state DOTs; local towns, cities, and municipalities; ports; railroads; and airports.

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