14th Street Viaduct Replacement

Hudson County, NJ

Project Summary

Built in 1908, the 14th Street Viaduct in Hoboken, NJ was non-redundant, but functionally obsolete. TranSystems performed extensive scoping to determine the optimum solution and secure federal funding. Subsequent to the scoping program,TranSystems was selected to prepare preliminary and final contract documents for the replacement bridge.  The proposed replacement consists of an eight-span 1,127-ft. long multi-steel girder structure on concrete piers and abutments. The lower portions of the existing viaduct in Hoboken were replaced with a retained earth section. The bridge has numerous custom architectural details to tie the bridge to the existing structure and the surrounding community. Maintaining vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout construction was essential; therefore, construction activities were staged. Since the existing viaduct was non-redundant, an extensive system of temporary supports were necessary during the staged construction. The project addressed functional issues by extensive improvements to the intersections located at both ends of the viaduct.

Project Highlights

  • Old, functionally obsolete bridge replacement
  • Custom architectural details to tie bridge to the community
  • Traffic maintained through staged construction activities

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