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Efficiency, long-distance travel, regional and national significance are a few of the key descriptions of our nation’s expressway, interstate, and toll road highway system. At TranSystems, we have tremendous expertise to address the needs of these primary arteries of our transportation network. From feasibility studies, to planning and environmental documentation, to design and construction, TranSystems brings national experience to any project. Whether the expressway and interstate is in the heart of a dense city center or passing through the rural landscape of America, TranSystems has experience in applying national best practices for interchanges and mainlines.

Context Sensitive Solutions and other public engagement techniques are necessary tools in today’s complex project development process, and TranSystems has been successfully implementing these techniques. We firmly believe in partnering with stakeholders to develop a successful outcome. Drawing on our planning and design expertise, we are able recommend and implement highly effective interchange designs including Single Point Urban Interchanges (SPUI) and Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI). 

In design, keeping a keen eye on the details is what allows our projects to be successful. In most urban areas, tight right-of-way, multiple ramp connections, cross street traffic, and extensive utilities present the types of challenges we overcome on a daily basis.  And, maintaining traffic during construction is critical to the economic viability and livability of the area. Our job during construction is to certify the owner is getting the results intended in the plans and specifications, a highly functional facility for years to come.

Diverging Diamond Interchanges
Rapidly gaining acceptance across the nation, the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), or Double Crossover Diamond Interchange, is an innovative and cost-effective approach to managing traffic at interchanges. With high volumes of traffic turning to and from the freeway, the traffic conditions at most interchanges can benefit from the DDI’s utilization of crossovers at the ramp terminals to guide the arterial street traffic. The first DDI opened in 2009 and by 2014, there are more than 30 in operation with as many as 100 in development.

TranSystems has been at the forefront of DDI design. Our staff is knowledgeable about these designs and can provide a multitude of economical options, from shorter ramp lengths to reuse of the existing bridge or a smaller structure size for new construction. TranSystems’ innovative design can provide expanded volume without requiring additional right-of-way, improved safety by removing left-turn conflicts and reduction to the overall conflict points of a standard diamond interchange from 26 to 14 points.


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