Financial Analysis

Providing a bridge between the present and the future, TranSystems financial analysis program allows you to make the most of your limited resources. We believe an effective financial plan is essential to the development and implementation of any new or expanded service. Inputs to our financial planning process include: modeling of capital and operating and maintenance costs, as well as future revenues; identification of revenue shortfalls and funding requirements; and identification and evaluation of funding sources and financing mechanisms.

The benefit of working with TranSystems is the comprehensive suite of services our professionals can provide, including: development of operating/maintenance and capital cost models, and estimation of the cost impacts of new services; development of revenue forecasting models and estimation of the revenue impacts of new services and modified fare structures; development of transit agency financial plans and planning guidelines; identification and evaluation of innovative financing mechanisms and public-private partnerships; evaluation of financial controls/procedures; and analysis of intermodal facility operating economics.

TranSystems is proud of our successes in helping clients identify financing strategies and secure funding for their important projects. Our experts estimate costs and revenues, identify financial requirements, and develop innovative financing strategies. Our experienced staff work hand-in-hand with you to analyze and plan for your agency’s financial future through the feasibility analysis, development, forecasting and estimating phases of your projects. We are proud to have played an integral role in the funding of many critical transit projects.

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