Transit Modeling

Risks associated with undertaking complex transit designs and upgrades can be significantly reduced by properly analyzing the problem with a proven operations research technology such as simulation rail modeling.  Models can be applied to transit facility sizing, traffic analysis, freight movement, passenger flow, capacity analysis, cost forecasting and process integration, among other situations.

TranSystems uses transit modeling techniques to quantify key characteristics of a design or process. In additional to this analytical technique, we employ visualization tools to convey the “look-and-feel” of a proposed design before the detailed analysis begins. Visualization is extremely useful in sharing ideas and concepts with all stakeholders in a design project or process change. The results of these studies and analyses aid in fact-based decision-making regarding facility layout, equipment selection and placement, service design, staffing, new technology and process changes. This information also feeds our architectural, engineering and planning activities, ensuring facility and system designs meet the present and future operational needs of the client.

TranSystems uses a wide range of software tools to develop simulation models and visualizations. Off-the-shelf applications include general purpose modeling tools such as AnyLogic, Arena and AutoMod and process-specifi c tools such as Vissim, Rail Traffic Controller, RAILSIM, TransCAD, and LogicNet Plus. Customized tools include the TranSystems Modeling Studio and the Transportation Modeling Studio, developed in Java, C#, C/C++, Visual Basic, .NET Framework and Visual Studio. Our visualization work is conducted using many different applications, including Bentley, Autodesk and Adobe suites and plug-ins, ArcGIS, GEOPAK and Google Earth.

Our leading staff of dedicated transit simulation professionals give our clients confidence. We develop models with our nationally recognized transit planners, analysts, and engineers to test concepts, predict performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

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