Jeffery Jump BRT Pilot

Chicago Transit Authority

Project Summary

The Jeffery Boulevard BRT Pilot Project encompassed the design of bus rapid transit service along the CTA's #14 Jeffery Express 13 mile long bus corridor – the first installation of BRT in Chicago. Peak period dedicated lanes for buses, standardized ½ mile spaced stops/stations, transit signal priority between 73rd Street and 84th Street, traffic signal interconnect, queue jump phase insertion at Anthony Avenue, branding, ADA upgrades at intersections, inlaid thermoplastic crosswalk treatments and upgraded passenger amenities at stations including shelters with Bus Tracker LED displays, information kiosks, benches, bike racks, brick pavers, trees in grates, and trash receptacles were project elements. Amenity layout was determined on a case by case basis at each stop, with particular focus on the 71st Street “commercial showcase” location. Traffic signal upgrades and an interconnect were installed to facilitate transit signal priority and improve traffic flow. The project also included coordination with Metra/ICC for crosswalk improvements across at-grade Metra tracks adjacent to the 71st Street Station as well as coordination of BRT service with the City’s bicycle lane network.

Project Highlights

  • Design of BRT service along CTA's #14 corridor
  • The first installation of BRT in Chicago
  • Upgraded passenger amenities and spaced stops, transit signal priority help get passengers to destinations more quickly

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