Traffic Engineering

TranSystems is an industry leader in traffic engineering and planning, specializing in the development of innovative and cost effective solutions to traffic challenges.  Design projects have ranged from a traffic signal at a small intersection to signal systems, lighting, pavement marking and signing, and work zone traffic control on large arterial and interstate corridor reconstruction projects.  Planning projects have encompassed everything from traffic impact studies for residential developments to regional transportation plans and interstate corridor planning and concept development studies.

Our traffic engineering and planning services include arterial and freeway corridor studies and planning, interchange and intersection concept development, interchange justification/break-in-access studies, access management studies, transportation plans, traffic impact studies, travel demand modeling, traffic simulation modeling, safety studies and road safety audits, traffic signal and signal systems planning and design, ITS design, highway guide signing, maintenance of traffic plans, roadway and highway lighting, and parking studies.
TranSystems is and has been on the leading edge of industry innovations and tools.  We have developed roundabout design guides for agencies as their use has become more prevalent.  We are a leader in Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) design, having made presentations nationally on their design elements and benefits, and have developed in-house tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of micro-simulation modeling of corridors. 

We also focus on finding the most appropriate solutions for transportation needs.  For example, TranSystems was able to evaluate a major urban freeway corridor that had previously been identified as an “add lanes” project and demonstrate that well designed auxiliary lane and interchange improvements could provide equivalent traffic operation, potentially saving many millions of dollars in construction costs. Additionally, we help our clients transform streets into multi-modal corridors to better accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users in a more context-sensitive environment.


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