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Spotlight On Roundabouts
TranSystems has worked on more than 150 roundabouts in 13 states. Our traffic engineers nationwide work to help owners determine the best intersection to manage traffic and maintain safety for users. 
Alkire Road and Demorest Road Roundabout
Franklin County, Ohio
The intersection of Alkire Road and Demorest Road ranked in the Franklin County Engineer’s Top Ten High Crash locations, dating back to 2004. Rear end type accidents at this intersection were very prevalent reaching a number more than double the statewide average for rural intersections. After studying potential options, a roundabout was selected as the most effective way to address the safety concerns at the intersection while accommodating the many physical constraints posed by the surrounding site. The reconfiguration included the construction of a single lane roundabout. 
On the west and south legs, concrete barriers were placed up against the existing bridge piers and the road was paved to these barriers. This extra pavement allowed for maximizing the potential use of space under I-270 and is now available for future projects such as a potential bicycle facility. Even with all of the challenges at this project site, right-of-way was only required from two parcels and construction progressed very smoothly. The project was recognized with the 2016 ASHE Central Ohio Section Project of the Year Peer Award.
15th St. and “A” St. Roundabout 
Wellington KS
TranSystems designed a roundabout at the intersection of 15th and A Streets (US-160 and US-81). The scope of work included working with staff from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) based on the previous Transportation Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP) Study that recommended a roundabout at this intersection. Services included preliminary and final civil engineering design, inlet and storm sewer design, driveway design, full depth pavement reconstruction, mill and overlay design and significant public involvement. Five roadways met at the intersection, which had a large triangular shape. 
The main project challenge involved developing a design that will accommodate normal vehicular traffic as well as large oversized trucks that travel through the intersection. The trucks carry wind turbines and blades, which can increase the length of a truck to over 120 ft. as well as sections of Boeing aircraft that are 24 ft. wide. TranSystems’ detailed analysis enabled the team to develop a design that met the requirements of all vehicular traffic in a safe and efficient manner. TranSystems also designed the required inlet and storm sewers, driveways, mill and overlay for US-160 from the roundabout to approximately one mile to the east, and ADA-compliant sidewalks. Responsibilities included public involvement to ensure that citizens are informed regarding the project’s benefits and progress.
The Kansas Star Casino Traffic Analysis 
Mulvane, KS
TranSystems was hired by the Sumner County Casino architect to develop a traffic impact analysis for the Kansas Star Casino developer, Peninsula Gaming and get it approved by KDOT the KTA. The analysis was to be used to determine the necessary improvements at the Exit 33 interchange along the Kansas Turnpike, as well as number of lanes and access points along the adjacent highways of US-81 and K-53, based on projected traffic volumes generated by the Casino. 
Based on the analysis, recommended improvements were developed including individual left and right turn lanes along US-81 for three separate access points as well as a left and right turn lanes for one access point along K-53. Additionally, the existing KTA toll booth would remain open and a new toll plaza would be constructed to serve the Casino directly. A dual roundabout system was proposed to facilitate traffic through the new interchange and between the two toll plazas. The roundabouts were used instead of traffic signals because of their ability to provide for a continuous flow of traffic.
Pleasant Street (Route 5) / Conz Street Roundabout Lighting
Northampton, MA
TranSystems designed a lighting system for MassDOT at the Pleasant Street and Conz Street roundabout in Northampton, MA. This unsignalized intersection of Pleasant Street and Conz Street had a documented high crash history. Driveways accessing Route 5 at this intersection created additional conflict points and contributed to the crash history. High traffic volumes caused vehicular delays at this intersection. The design converts this unsignalized intersection to a single-lane roundabout, resurfaces intersection approaches, and provides new pavement markings, sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, crosswalks, and bus pullouts. 
The lighting system design utilized LED technology for energy savings and savings in lifetime operating costs. Through testing and analysis of multiple LED lighting manufacturers’ products and determining average, maximum, and minimum lighting produced, TranSystems developed recommendation for the appropriate LED lighting to illuminate the roadway and sidewalks with the required luminance. The design featured low height light standards to avoid conflicts with existing overhead utility lines and was coordinated with the City of Northampton to maintain uniformity in visual appearance of lighting structures and luminaires throughout the City.
U.S. 50/77 Roundabout
Florence, Kansas
The intersection at US-77 and US-50 posed several safety concerns over several years. As a solution, TranSystems, in cooperation with Kansas DOT and Kittelson Associates, Inc., prepared plans to construct a roundabout to replace the existing rural intersection. TranSystems was responsible for the vertical design, shoofly design, lighting, pavement marking, and signing of the project. TranSystems was also fully responsible for developing the plans for construction and working with the KDOT Division of Road Design. The $3.1 million project was completed at the end of 2006, enhancing the safety of drivers in the Florence area.
US-77 and Kansas Roundabout
Arkansas City, Kansas
TranSystems prepared design plans for a roundabout at US-77 and K-166 (Kansas Avenue) on the east side of Arkansas City, Kansas. The intersection was designed as a high-speed roundabout since the north, south and east approaches are posted at highway speeds. The west approach comes out 
of Arkansas City and is posted as a city street.
TranSystems also performed topographic surveys for the project. In addition, TranSystems designed the roadways, drainage, pavement marking, signing, lighting, and detours/shooflies. The existing roadway also serves as a levee for the Walnut River. This required additional design coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the appropriate levee district. 
WOO-18-6.50 Roundabout
North Baltimore, Ohio
TranSystems developed detailed construction plans for a new alignment and roundabout intersection in conjunction with a 2.25 mile relocation of SR-18 in Wood County, Ohio. The project included constructing a by-pass around the Village of North Baltimore to accommodate increased truck traffic 
as well as improved safety and connectivity between I-75 and a new CSX intermodal freight yard. 
The relocated SR-18 and South Main Street intersects in a roundabout. The high speed (60 mph design speed) approaches from SR-18 are designed with successively smaller radius curves to gradually slow traffic prior to entering the circulating roadway of the roundabout. Truck aprons are included to accommodate large semi-trucks (AASHTO WB-67) while restricting speeds for smaller vehicles. Lighting and landscape treatments were also included within the roundabout area. 
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