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There are three circumstances in transportation circles when the words congestion and pricing find themselves in close proximity.

The first in in regard to congestion pricing, this being the process by which drivers are either 1) charged a toll either at certain hours of the day in certain parts of the city or 2) charged a dynamically higher (or lower) price depending on actual conditions on the roadway. In both cases the thinking is that the value of a stretch of road is not a fixed amount but changes with the circumstance. Congestion pricing has been used to good effect in certain cities overseas, and is now making (slow) inroads into various of our own cities. READ ARTICLE
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The story serves as a reminder of just how integrated into daily life the streetcar was; all the way through as it turns out, to the very end. We may likely not easily recapture the degree of saturation that was common at the turn of the last century, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not significant streetcar work going on in most regions of the country. READ ARTICLE
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These transit-based smartphone applications have increased markedly in their sophistication, richness, and breadth of offerings these past years, contributing mightily to the seamlessness of the transit passenger experience. It is a two-sided relationship – the smartphone and the passenger – and the adjusting of that relationship proves to be an interesting study. There is a good deal of human nature in transportation, nowhere more so than in the transit world. READ ARTICLE
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