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Senior VP of QA/QC Role Filled by Jefferson Reeder, PE

TranSystems’ Jefferson Reeder, PE, will lead the company’s quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) program as the newly appointed Senior Vice President of Quality. Reeder will be focused on identifying best practices and ensuring efforts are coordinated throughout the firm.

“Jeff is a tremendous fit,” said Paul Malir, COO of TranSystems. “As a Principal and an existing Senior Vice President, Jeff understands the overriding importance of quality assurance and quality control to our work and to our clients. In addition, like many of our best people, he has worn many a hat around the company, has great familiarity with the regional offices, and has the ability to understand challenges and opportunities up and down the project organization chart.”

Reeder is charged with maintaining and enhancing the existing Quality Process with the goal of improvement in project execution.  The Quality Process at TranSystems has been developed to reinforce a culture of quality at all ranks in the organization through the practice of consistent communications, documentation, and design review procedures.  This comprehensive Quality Program serves to increase efficiency and accuracy in the firm’s design efforts with the ultimate benefit being enhanced client satisfaction.   

“Quality assurance and quality control are dynamic processes and TranSystems is a dynamic firm serving many market sectors. As best practices emerge in regard to quality issues in any of our targeted sectors, we recognize the value in integrating this knowledge across the firm,” Reeder said. “Recognizing that the company’s extensive client list results in a wide variety of projects,  TranSystems is committed to the development of a flexible, integrated Quality Program that can be applied consistently by all our offices.  It is important that our employees at all levels realize their value in contributing to a quality TranSystems product.”

“We’re establishing this important role at just the right time in the life of the company,” concluded Malir, “and like many another initiative, it will be full speed ahead.”

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