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Despite the economic downturn, the total volume of cargo shipped by water in 2020 is expected to be double that of 2001 volumes, according to the American Association of Port Authorities. To meet this demand, U.S. port authorities are faced with the challenge of increasing commercial cargo velocity without greatly increasing their operational footprint or costs.
TranSystems has been involved in two projects that have examined the use of guided buses for Bus Rapid Transit. The two corridors could not be more different:
A paper distributor ships about 750,000 pounds of paper products daily on route trucks. The paper ranges from fine printing paper to commodity “copier” paper.

About 10 years ago the company bought an AS/RS (Automated Storage & Retrieval System) to store 6,400 pallets of paper. The initial concept for picking orders was to use the AS/RS as a primary storage location which would retrieve a pallet containing an SKU (stock keeping unit) required for fi lling orders and transfer it to an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).
Over the last 16 years, consolidated rental car facilities have become a new feature at airports large and small across the country. Well-conceived versions bring real value to rental car customers, airports and rental car companies alike.
Pop-up shops arose out of economic conditions brought on by the recession, landlords felt it was economical to use short-term leases to fill vacant spaces. This presentation provides a high level overview of airport pop-up shops, including the different types, a survey of current and past shops in airports, how to bring one to your airport, and the benefits of these shops to small and local businesses.
What is it? How is it defined? This presentation provides an overview the rental car facility, including positive and negative ideas for it's presence in airports and trends of note in the industry.
Trying to decide if a Rental Car Facility is the right option for you? This presentation gives a brief overview of the initial planning that needs to occur during the decision-making process. It helps to anwer questions like - What is a ConRAC? Why should you construct one? When should you start planning for one? What are the major planning steps? What size do you need? What are options for phasing and sequencing?
This presentation provides a brief overview of the San Jose Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility project. To learn more, access our white paper as well.
A 1994 rehabilitation of the then 100-year-old Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Rapid Transit Green Line included plans for a new station at Morgan and Lake Streets to fill a 1.5-mile distance between adjacent stations. The construction of an infill station in an urban environment creates numerous challenges, and the design team developed solutions to each. This document details these challenges and solutions such that other agencies considering similar projects may benefit from our creativity and learned experience.
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