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Are you making the right strategic decisions regarding software, logistics or material handling? APL Logistics discovered another set of eyes was helpful in moving them in the right direction, avoiding unnecessary costs, and saving thousands.
Simulation technology is becoming the method of choice for testing a variety of operating conditions to determine the limitations of a system. Historically, this was done during the conceptualization and engineering of complex systems. Today, the same technology can then be extended and used as an operational planning tool, which will drive a higher return on investment.
Changes in the marketplace and new business opportunities can significantly impact a company’s infrastructure needs as well as its operational efficiency. In the quick service restaurant industry, new product introductions, marketing promotions, seasonality, and even new process designs can dramatically affect customer demand. In addition, small changes to the design, staffing, and production process can have significant impact on customer experience and on the total sales volume capabilities of the quick service restaurant. Simulation modeling can address these complex systems and problems, and can also be a valuable marketing tool: it can demonstrate how to effectively integrate multiple brands, maximize operations with customized offerings, and, with minimal investment, evaluate new design concepts and prove their effectiveness with quantifiable data.
A paper distributor ships about 750,000 pounds of paper products daily on route trucks. The paper ranges from fine printing paper to commodity “copier” paper.

About 10 years ago the company bought an AS/RS (Automated Storage & Retrieval System) to store 6,400 pallets of paper. The initial concept for picking orders was to use the AS/RS as a primary storage location which would retrieve a pallet containing an SKU (stock keeping unit) required for fi lling orders and transfer it to an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).
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