Access Control Systems Design and Engineering

Design and program planning of an Access Control solution for any project should be holistic, considering integration with other systems and infrastructure, to support the overall security program. TranSystems’ Technology Services team’s experience with many different systems and solutions allows appropriate integration to be considered based on the clients operation and needs. This process starts during the schematic planning for the project’s traffic flow and operations.

TranSystems’ security system design process typically includes varying elements of: investigation and recommendation; facility master planning; schematic design through construction documents; value engineering; opinions of probable cost; development of performance-based CSI-formatted specifications; preparation of bid documents including requests for proposals; participation in vendor/security contractor selection process; assistance with equipment/software selection; conduct equipment and software “shoot outs”; construction management of system installation(s); final inspection and commissioning testing; and system training, warranty, and monitoring of ongoing performance and supplier support.

TranSystems designs standalone or enterprise (multi-site) access control systems designed to provide the client with a clear vision of the operational effects, the future traffic flow, and the access-restricted areas well in advance of the installation contractor’s involvement.  The designs are tailor-fit to the client needs and budget utilizing the wide variety of options available with today’s technology:

  • Access media
               - Single or multi-technology cards: proximity, magnetic stripe, bar codes and smart cards
               - Proximity fobs or buttons
               - Near Field Communications
               - Electronic keys
               - Mechanical keys
               - Biometrics: fingerprint, hand, retina
               - Personal Identification Number (PIN) pads; electronic and mechanical
  • Locking
              - Mechanical locks
              - Electrical locking: electrified handsets, electric strike, electric latch retraction, electric breaker bars, magnetic locks
              - Electric and mechanical manhole and hatch locks
  • Communications
              - Business network or stand-alone network
              - Distributed security panels
              - Fiber optics
              - Network cable/Copper twisted pair
              - Wireless
              - Manual (download/upload with hand-held device)
  • Personnel/pedestrian control
              - Doors: interior or exterior; single or double; hollow core, solid, or fire rated.
              - Revolving doors
              - Full-height turnstiles
              - Optical turnstiles with or without automated barriers
              - Gates
              - Sally traps/portals
  • Vehicle control
              - Gates: sliding, cantilever, swinging
              - Anti-ram barriers: wedge, drop arm, bollards, moving beam
              - Overhead doors
TranSystems designs take into account the access control system’s ability to integrate with other systems and functions in the organization, act as the single solution for monitoring all automated systems, as well as perform other functions:
  • Integrate with Human Recourses databases for improved database management
  • Perform as intrusion detection by monitoring sensor inputs: door contacts, glass break sensors, motion detection, video motion detection/analytics, vibration detection, seismic
  • Access cards function as logical controls, vending machine operations, identification card
  • Maintain time and attendance
  • Monitor and receive alarms from building HVAC systems, elevators, refrigeration units, climate control
  • Integrate with other systems such as video to allow access control or intrusion alarms to activate an associated camera view.
TranSystems’ Security Team is an independent security consulting and engineering concern that is not affiliated with, nor has any alliance with, security equipment manufacturers, security installation companies, guard companies, investigators, or any insurance companies that would otherwise bias our recommendations and design. TranSystems consultants provide design and implementation support of access control systems for a wide variety of clients, including local, state, and federal government facilities; transit agencies; freight rail organizations; intermodal facilities; airports and related facilities; manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing companies; water utilities; electrical power generation and distribution companies; oil and gas refining and distribution companies; telecommunications and data centers; ports and maritime organizations; higher education facilities; and non-profit and cultural organizations.

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