Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is characterized by the creation and use of intelligent objects that contain information about the object’s geometry, characteristics, and parameters. This makes available a reliable, coordinated, and consistent digital representation of the building for design decision making, construction documentation, construction planning, and performance predictions. The incorporated graphical and non-graphical information relevant to an object is available through data exchange to other database programs capable of receiving and using the captured data. TranSystems has been at the forefront of adopting BIM technology for federal design projects, regardless of whether the procurement method is design-build or design-bid-build.
TranSystems commenced a BIM transition plan beginning in 2006 with the intent to align with our federal clients, considering process, technology, standards, and implementation timeline, and to recognize the ultimate goals. The A/E/C CADD Standard document (3.0) presents a DoD implementation of the U. S. National CAD Standard (NCS), which is generic sufficiently to be implemented in both AutoCAD and MicroStation. All modeling data can be exported to either AutoCAD or MicroStation in CADD Standards.

We are continuously training our architects, engineers, and technicians with the Bentley Architecture and Autodesk products (AutoCAD 2010 and Revit). Our design team recognizes the evolving power of BIM across the entire spectrum of capital improvements through asset management, including the focus on process improvements, Lean Six Sigma, improved performance on cost and schedule delivery and life-cycle maintenance and operations.

TranSystems brings the benefits of BIM design to many clients, including the Corps of Engineers, NAVFAC, AFCEE, GSA, Coast Guard, National Guard, and other federal agencies with planning, design, and post-construction services.


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