Capacity Analysis

Companies are continuously looking for the most storage and throughput capacity out of their existing warehouses. When planning new facilities they want to optimize use space, equipment and labor resources. 

TranSystems provides clients with assessments and detailed analyses of existing facilities and new facility planning. By analyzing both products and volumes, TranSystems identifies the right mix of equipment and technology to get the most out of your valuable resources. A key ingredient in storage capacity optimization is the use of product and location cube information. Combined with product velocity and inventory information, TranSystems uses cube data to estimate the required storage equipment to maximize the facility capacity. For throughput capacity, TranSystems uses product velocity information, mixed with the right level of technology, to develop the most efficient and effective process that results in the greatest potential throughput out of your operation.

TranSystems has experience across many industries and operations, enabling us to naturally benchmark and identify the right solutions for you. A recent project, involving a major Sports Distributor, proves this situation. The client was forced to stay within their same facility, but needed more pick positions, storage locations and throughput from their facility. By studying existing operations, developing and considering multiple data profiles, TranSystems and the client were able to find multiple opportunities to achieve the requirements within the same four walls. The solutions included a new pick module, packing mezzanine and advanced three-level packing conveyor system design. The results included a 52 percent increase in pick location capacity, and a 30 percent increase in throughput capacity.

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