Command, Control, and Operations

The control room is the heart of any systems operation; proper design is critical.  TranSystems can handle design of all the aspects that differentiate an effective control room or operations center from one that just doesn’t cut it or is based on technology of the past: location selection, ergonomics, furniture, electronics, communications, displays, lighting, and HVAC are all key to design success and are all in TranSystems’ design toolbox.

Not only does TranSystems coordination include the operation and equipment needs but how systems are to integrate and run seamlessly. This is a critical aspect to the design and when defined early has proven to result in a user friendly facility and reduce the need for specialized training on widely disparate systems. 

TranSystems designs Control and Operations Centers for a wide variety of functions and having a wide range of functions that include:

  • Single or multiple operator stations
  • Single site command and control or Global operations
  • Government Fusion Centers
  • Remote Operations Centers for long distance control of a wide range of field activities
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Multi-purpose rooms; training or meeting rooms that function as Emergency Operations Centers in time of need
TranSystems’ Technology Team is an independent consulting and engineering concern that is not affiliated with, nor has any alliance with, equipment manufacturers, equipment installation companies, guard companies, investigators, or any insurance companies that would otherwise bias our recommendations and design.  TranSystems provides design and implementation support of Command, Control, and Operations Center systems for a wide range of clients, including local, state, and federal government facilities; transit agencies; freight rail organizations; intermodal facilities; airports and related facilities; manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing companies; water utilities; electrical power generation and distribution companies; oil and gas refining and distribution companies; telecommunications and data centers; ports and maritime organizations; higher education facilities; and non-profit and cultural organizations.

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