Commercial Power Application

Railroads require metered commercial power installations at hundreds of locations system-wide for rail crossings, signals and related power requirements. Each year the demand grows and, as railroads address the requirements for implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC) by 2015, the need for metered power installations throughout the railway system is expected to grow dramatically. TranSystems can help. Our team of industrial specialists has provided program management and coordination services for the installation of commercial power drops at thousands of locations working effectively with power utility service providers throughout the country. From requesting service accounts for specific locations to coordinating installation details and documentation, you can rely on the experience of TranSystems to advance your program.

TranSystems began facilitating Meter Service Requests in the year 2000. Since conception, we have accumulated extensive power company contact information and processes databases. TranSystems averages 270 Meter Service Requests annually. TranSystems has facilitated millions of dollars “Aid to Construction” payments to power companies. As an Industry Specialist Liaison our staff provides a conduit for communications, coordination and document processing, faster turn-around, less down time, dedicated team managing work flow, single point of contact, and centralized Information database for meter service installations system wide.


Services to the Freight Rail Market

  • Identify Utility Provider & Request Service
  • Map Service Location & Coordinate Site Meet
  • Establish New Service Account
  • Contact Utility Provider for Engineering, Construction Plan, Invoice
  • Process Utility Provider Documentation
  • Facilitate Payments, Easements, Inspection and Permit Requirements
  • Coordinate Installation of: Meter Pole, Utility Line Extension and Meter Installation
  • Dedicated Follow-up
  • Information Research, Record Keeping and Dissemination
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