Distribution Center Automation

Within the CPG Manufacturing sector, investment into distribution center automation has traditionally been stronger than in the wholesale/retail distribution sector. Manufacturers have always invested capital into automated equipment in their production plants so it is a natural extension to also invest in automating within the distribution center.

This is especially true in the pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries; and particularly so in facilities that handle controlled or refrigerated/frozen food products.

With respect to investing in distribution center automation, a few companies that have taken leadership positions within the
     North American CPG manufacturing industry include: Tropicana Products, Hatfield Quality Meats, Fage USA Dairy, Hood
     Dairy,General Foods, Heartland Farms, Kellogg’s, Whitewave Foods, Hersheys’ Ice Cream, Nestle, Dole, Blue Bunny,
     Tyson, Excel, Nabisco, Keebler, Darigold, West Farm Foods, Frito Lay, Farmland Dairies, Tillamook, Cargill Meats, Kraft
     Foods, Conagra, Schwans, Yoplait, Wawa Dairy among many other firms for the deployment of ASRS cranes in their
     refrigerated/ frozen distribution centers. Many of these facilities are used to automate the storage and handling fresh Dairy,
     Meat and/or Ice Cream products.

Beverage companies such as Coca Cola Company, Pepsi, Anheuser Busch, Miller, Starbucks, Southern Wine and Spirits,
     among many others for deploying automated storage and retrieval systems, mini-load systems, automated case and layer
     picking technologies, automatic palletizing machines, gantry robots, and other automated technologies that improve
     ergonomics and reduce manpower requirements.


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