Firing Range Engineering

Firing ranges, either indoor or outdoor, require practical understanding and knowledge of the appropriate ordinances, codes and engineering principles. TranSystems specializes in the design of firing range for the military, federal and local law enforcement, and private range operators. These experts have designed more than 25 indoor and outdoor range projects for our clients over the past five years, ranging from small training facilities with as few as eight lanes to major complexes with as many as 50 lanes and incorporating simulation training, armories, classrooms and administrative spaces.

TranSystems is also a leader in the design of custom counterterrorism training facilities and close-quarters combat simulation. We provide specialized design services for judgmental training facilities, reactive ranges and interactive complexes that mirror real-life conditions. We provide services such as architectural, civil, and structural engineering; ventilation system design; construction management; cost estimating; value engineering; permitting; condition surveys; quality assurance and inspection; and feasibility studies for a variety of project types, including:

  • Outdoor small arms ranges - baffled and open
  • Tactical, fixed position and reactive ranges
  • Counterterrorism training facilities
  • Close-quarters combat and live fire trainers
  • Range complex master planning
  • Range renovation and conversion projects
  • Judgmental training facilities
At TranSystems, we understand that safety comes first in the design, operation, and maintenance of firing ranges . We are currently working with the federal government on developing state-of-the art criteria for ranges that address both current safety issues and emerging technology.
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