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A vision for High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Service in the United States includes both high speed passenger service operating at speeds of 200 mph in sealed, passenger only, separated rights of way in some corridors, as well as incremental speed improvements for passenger service operating on existing freight rail lines to achieve speeds between 79 and 90 mph without impacting freight service. Each component involves unique challenges. TranSystems can help. With over 40 years of experience serving both the freight rail and passenger rail industries, TranSystems has the depth of expertise in rail planning, operations analysis and simulation, economics, engineering design, and construction management to help bring vision to reality.

TranSystems is one of the largest transportation consulting firms in the United States providing railroad engineering and related professional services to both the freight rail and the passenger rail industry. Our capabilities and long history of success includes comprehensive services for rail safety and capacity improvements including operations and facility planning, design, inspection and construction management services for track, bridges, grade crossings, yards, terminals, stations, maintenance facilities and related infrastructure improvements. Many of our key rail planning and engineering specialists are former long term employees of major rail companies or the commuter rail and intercity rail passenger industry and have a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in operating freight and passenger rail service within existing freight corridors. They bring a distinctive expertise to the table, one that can only come from true hands-on rail experience.

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