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Intermodal freight transportation has grown dramatically over the past two decades providing improved service as well as economic and operational efficiencies for freight transportation and supply chain logistics. As a leader in the transportation and supply chain consulting industry, TranSystems provides comprehensive services in all facets of the planning and design of intermodal facilities. Several of our key staff specialists are former railroad industry professionals who have focused on the planning, design, and operation of intermodal facilities throughout their careers.

The advantage that TranSystems holds is a comprehensive suite of services. Not only are we experts in track design, but from our nationwide pool of transportation professionals, we can integrate freight railroad into an established port and vice versa.

TranSystems has designed multimodal facilities for non-railroads as well. Other projects include: trash unloading facilities, private intermodal terminals, automotive mixing centers, multi-car manufacturer unloading distribution centers, buy-back loading operations, both international and domestic terminals for exporting and importing of automobiles, and bulk commodities transload terminals handling plastics, solids and liquids.

With multimodal-type facilities, many other rail and non-rail improvements are required. Rail support yards, container storage yards, yard lighting, administration buildings, gate and entrance complexes just to name a few. TranSystems is experienced in meeting the needs of all that is required or stand-alone projects.

Areas of expertise and experience:

Planning and Terminal Sizing
Line of Road Simulation
Terminal Rail Simulation
Gate/Trucks Simulation

Rail and Facility Design
Gate and entrance complex
Manual and automated gates
Administration buildings
Entrance yard lighting
Maintenance facilities
Track design
Parking layouts
Heavy duty pavement
Compressed air
Rail storage yards
Receiving and departure tracks
Tail tracks
Water and sewer
Container yards

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