Motor Vehicle Emissions and Controls

TranSystems motor vehicle emissions and controls services provide clients with the utmost in SIP support, as well as technical knowledge in motor vehicle emission inventories and forecasts, transportation conformity, and motor vehicle emission budgets.
TranSystems’ capabilities range from preparing onroad emission inventories at the local, regional, or national level of detail and evaluating mobile source control measures to developing computer tools that estimate onroad emissions or reductions targeted to the client’s needs and providing training in the use of onroad models and the development of onroad emission inventories.

Our staff includes experts in the use of EPA's MOBILE series of models. MOVES 2010 was released by EPA in December 2009, creating a new set of challenges and opportunities for motorvehicle emission modelers. MOVES 2010 replaces the MOBILE model series that was the official EPA model since 1978. Our MOVES experience began before model release as we worked with EPA to prepare technical guidance and automation scripts to aid users in the MOBILE6 to MOVES transition. We work with MOVES users to provide customized solutions. This might include integrating MOVES with urban travel demand models to produce urban scale motor vehicle emission estimates, or to apply traffic micro-simulation model output to produce MOVES inputs in order to meet EPA and FHWA project-level modeling requirements.

Motor vehicle emission control measure experience has been provided to EPA for cost and regulatory impact analyses, and to state and local air pollution control agencies for State Implementation Plan development and support.

TranSystems also has relevant experience with GHG mitigation strategy analysis for state climate action plan development. This is typically for transportation and land use stakeholder technical working groups. Recent state climate plan development support has been provided for Maryland, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

TranSystems has provided expertise on numerous projects sponsored by EPA, RPOs, state and local air agencies, and transportation agencies.
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