Picking Optimization

One of the most frequent requests made of TranSystems is to lower a company’s distribution center operating costs.  The highest labor cost within most distribution centers is the picking/order fulfillment area.  This makes optimizing picking the most important consideration within a distribution center when looking to lower operating costs and to increase the throughput of an operation.

Optimizing the picking area involves many facets including methodology enhancements, conveyor automation, advanced technologies such as Pick to Light, Voice and RF Terminals, and consideration of various part-to-operator solutions such as carousels and KIVA.  What is the right decision for your operation?  The answer depends on your order and product profiles, and capital constraints.  TranSystems develops low to higher investment alternatives and defines the criteria for each option such as the number of pick positions, productivity level, accuracy, expandability, and flexibility.  Through consideration of these and other factors, TranSystems recommends the path that provides the best ROI, and delivers the results required by our clients.

While methods such as Cluster Batch picking and Pick-n-Pass methodology solutions make a big difference, conveyor automation often plays into the optimization of picking solutions.  TranSystems believes in optimizing the methods first and then applying conveyor and advanced technologies onto the system.  Beyond the quantitative factors, TranSystems considers the qualitative factors that can often be the tie-breaker criteria when making the final solution.

TranSystems’ professionals are experienced in analyzing the key data, and developing multiple alternatives in the creation of the optimum picking solution.  With exposure to the latest and greatest technologies, our team is rich with information on the best practices, and solutions that work.

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