Positive Train Control Support

TranSystems brings a unique set of expertise and project experience to our clients in the area of positive train control (PTC). We have worked with freight railroads in early stages of PTC development, become specialists in railroad-GIS data collection / conversion / management, and have a fundamental understanding of the regulatory and technical issues facing all Class I railroads.

Our current pilot PTC projects include railroads in 16 different states and cover more than 4,000 track miles. With the pressing timeline of the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) PTC system requirements, there is need for an efficient and powerful solution that balances increased safety with feasible cost.

Since much of the data collected on train location and operation is geographic in nature, a geographically-dependent solution is required for efficient PTC operation and maintenance. Many of the rail carriers are developing large infrastructures management systems to support PTC. TranSystems is right there with them as the track database requirements are established, the commercial power requirements for new monitoring devices are identified, and strategies for keeping track databases up to date are defined.


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