Given tighter budgets and ever-increasing travel demands, cost-effective and low-impact nontraditional roadway improvements are being implemented nationwide in response to challenging congestion and safety problems. TranSystems offers expertise in both proven and experimental designs: modern roundabout, continuous flow intersection (CFI), and diverging diamond interchange (DDI).

TranSystems recognizes the need to create facility designs that accommodate a variety of travelers across a span of geographic elements, while at the same time minimizing the environmental impact – whether it be an expressway, interstate, highway or local roadway. Our designs illustrate that even difficult terrain married to established design criteria result in functional and aesthetically pleasing facilities. We have used our innovation to vastly expand TranSystems’ toolbox of solutions for transportation problems. These emerging solutions enrich a résumé that is balanced by traditional design experience in facility planning, design and provision of contract documents: roadway and bridge reconstruction and rehabilitation, new facilities, intersection and interchange modifications, ADA compliance, and safety upgrades.

Our staff offers experience in designing roadways along with all required structural elements, and provide associated services such as survey, utility coordination and design, mapping, grading, and erosion control; stormwater, drainage and detention facilities; sidewalks, decorative street lighting, and traffic signals; environmental permitting; pavement design, marking, and signing; construction sequencing and traffic control; and bid documentation.

During construction, projects benefit from our thorough planning and precise design specifications, as well as our significant relationships and amenable coordination with utilities and other third party stakeholders. Our projects adhere to their planned schedules and regularly exceed client expectations.
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