Real Property Asset Management

Facilities are strategic assets that commit companies to geographic locations for set periods of time, carrying strong implications for customer service, operating costs, cash flow, regulatory constraints and even public relations exposure. As a result, real estate decisions can dramatically affect a company’s ability to compete and succeed.
TranSystems understands the relationship between real estate assets and the ability to compete in the global supply chain. Our goal is to help clients systematically identify and explore opportunities for leveraging their current real estate assets and future capital investments to strengthen and support their business.

TranSystems helps clients manage and invest in the right facilities at the right cost, at the right time, and in the right locations. Our staff tailors each project according to the needs of the client reviewing current and future capabilities of the organization’s real estate portfolio; changes in the supplier and customer mix, freight flows and transportation gateways, and how those changes impact various assets; whether or not a new manufacturing or distribution location would allow better service in strategic growth markets; how mergers and acquisitions have impacted the organization’s  real estate portfolio and supply chain; as well we facility operating costs to ensure they are managed in a common and efficient manner and they are in line with industry standards.

Many clients benefit from these initiatives including, corporations looking to reposition and maximize the utilization of their assets, while creating flexibility in their real estate portfolios to react to changing labor and supply chain trends; and developers looking to position their properties to maximize the likelihood of tenant acquisition and greater return on their  investments.

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