Storage Optimization

The largest space within a distribution center is typically the storage area. Within manufacturing facilities, the production equipment dominates the use of space, but there are still large raw material and finish good storage areas. Given the dominance of inventory storage within most facilities, using the right mix of equipment and layout techniques is critical.    Inventory levels play a huge role in the amount of space required for storage, but are often difficult to manage from the warehouse/manufacturing manager perspective. Most managers must deal with what is given to them, while procurement and marketing departments wrestle with demand planning and market pressures.
TranSystems develops inventory and product profiles to identify the right mix of storage equipment within these facilities. Most facilities should utilize a mix of three to four different storage equipment types. The most common types include decked pallet rack, single-deep pallet rack, double-deep pallet rack, push-back rack and bulk storage. Automated options are also a consideration, and use the vertical storage height of the tallest building. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) are an example of such automation. The optimum mix depends on your product size, inventory levels and volume. Our engineers use various planning tools to generate the best use of your storage space. In addition to finding the right equipment, we can create the most effective facility layout. There are multiple layout options that can impact the optimization of the storage area, including the number of aisles, the width of aisles, and the orientation of racking within the building.
TranSystems has the experience required to consider the key storage optimization factors and generate the solution that results in the best use of your storage area.


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