Supply Chain Security

With the interconnectedness of global supply chains, a simple breakdown in supply chain security can potentially cripple a company’s operations and cause long-term damages to its brand integrity. Companies in the global economy increasingly depend upon the security of their supply chain as a fundamental defense against disruptions from a variety of threats. Furthermore, factors such as risk management, regulatory compliance, liability and public expectation influence the need to focus on security engineering and design.

The Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) is one of the most critical components in any complete security strategy. An SVA is performed for two reasons: to identify potential exposure to risks from credible threats and to validate existing security measures. TranSystems conducts regulatory-compliant security threat, vulnerability and risk assessments for critical infrastructure facilities and operations, including water and power utilities, and interdependent support operations.

Our Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) Team employs a systematic, risk-based approach to identify and evaluate the potential for attacks against our clients’ critical infrastructure, from different threats, as well as unexpected security events and their potential consequences. This approach combines the likelihood of attack, consequences and protection systems effectiveness (e.g., physical security infrastructure, and security guard and police force), into a single parameter used for the prioritization of systems, equipment and manpower. Our methodology also provides guidance for the appropriate man / machine mix to maximize the effectiveness of projected protective systems, while minimizing redundancies and recurring manpower costs.

The TranSystems SVA Team evaluates the merits of possible additional countermeasures by listing them and estimating their net effect on the lowering of the likelihood or severity of an attack by the identified credible threats.  As a result, the TranSystems SVA Team develops a prioritized list of recommended risk mitigation measures designed to lower our clients’ exposure to the identified risks in a cost and operationally-efficient manner.

TranSystems’ proven approach and methodology for Supply Chain Security has delivered successful results for both domestic and global companies serving multiple markets in a wide variety of industries.

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