Technology has produced the highest standard of living in history and it has done so by insinuating itself into all areas of our lives. Transportation is no exception. Step into any airport, subway station, or transit platform and take note of the all-encompassing technology that surrounds you. 

TranSystems offers a team of experienced technologists who use structured, but innovative, approaches that help clients determine and deploy the most appropriate technologies to support their operations. After TranSystems’ specialists determine which technologies and tools will best help meet the organizational goals, we can provide services from the study phase  all the way through implementation, including research and evaluation; design, development and deployment; specification development; procurement assistance for selected technologies; implementation assistance and training; and turnover and commissioning.

Our team can design the solution along with the infrastructure required to support the solution such that our clients will have the understanding of the systems architecture well in advance of the contractor’s involvement. One of many advantages offered by using these services includes the ability to select the desired integration with other systems and have the opportunity to include the scalability of system growth.

Our goal is to fuel our clients’ appreciation of the promise and the power of technology; and to partner with them in realizing its full potential.

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                - WAN/LAN/VPN and SAN
                - Wireless point to point or point to multi-point
                - Wireless Broadband
                - Other backhaul solutions                 - Close Circuit Solution
                - IP Video Systems
                - Wireless Video Solutions
                - Intelligent Video (Analytics)
                - Traffic camera systems 
                - On-board train and bus camera systems                - Standalone solutions
               - Enterprise solutions
               - Electronic Door Hardware
               - Perimeter Barriers and controls
               - Vehicle gates and traffic controls                - Intercom systems
               - Multi-technology mass communication systems
               - Emergency Call Stations
               - Inside and outside plant fiber and copper backbone designs

TranSystems’ Technology Team is an independent consulting and engineering concern that is not affiliated with, nor has any alliance with, equipment manufacturers, equipment installation companies, guard companies, investigators, or any insurance companies that would otherwise bias our recommendations and design.  TranSystems consultants provide Technology Consulting and Design for a wide variety of clients, including local, state, and federal government facilities; transit agencies; freight rail organizations; intermodal facilities; airports and related facilities; manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing companies; water utilities; electrical power generation and distribution companies; oil and gas refining and distribution companies; telecommunications and data centers; ports and maritime organizations; higher education facilities; and non-profit and cultural organizations.

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Alistair Sawers Joins TranSystems as Vice President and Leader of P3 Advisory Services

Alistair Sawers Joins TranSystems as Vice President and Leader of P3 Advisory Services