Transit Center Design

TranSystems is a leader in the planning and design of transit centers and multimodal stations. These facilities include advanced designs for buses, rail transit, commuter rail, intercity rail, and park and ride centers.

To ease congestion, many communities are developing integrated transportation networks that link multiple transportation modes.  Key to the success of these systems is the design and construction of multi-modal transportation facilities. Such stations allow passengers to make seamless connections between transportation modes and permit multiple uses of the same facility.

TranSystems has developed innovative designs for multi-modal stations across the nation:

• Designs for a four-level underground transit center in Chicago
• A transfer center in Las Vegas
• The redevelopment of passenger rail facilities at Kansas City Union Station
• A master plan for the redevelopment of Denver’s Union Station
• An award-winning downtown transit center in Nashville that takes maximum advantage of a constrained, bi-level site

Multiple uses built into our transit center designs include retail, office space, a downtown parking garage and even a public plaza. These amenities can provide revenue sources as well as enliven the streetscape.  The rejuvenated public plaza constructed in concert with Nashville’s Music City Central serves as a venue for the arts, with lunchtime concerts on the menu.

Transit Center & Multimodal Station Services

• Bus transit
• Rail transit
• Commuter rail
• Intercity rail
• Park & ride centers
• Feasibility and alternatives analysis
• Design engineering
• Construction management
• Service planning
• Market research
• Route alignment
• Track design
• Platforms
• Stations
• Maintenance yards
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Alistair Sawers Joins TranSystems as Vice President and Leader of P3 Advisory Services

Alistair Sawers Joins TranSystems as Vice President and Leader of P3 Advisory Services