Web-Based Public Comment and Response Analysis Support

Federal agencies are responsible for putting laws into action through regulations. Under the Administrative Procedure Act, an agency must provide the public the opportunity to submit written comments for analysis by the agency. With electronic means available to the public for the submission of comments, agencies are under pressure to manage an ever increasing number of public comments. Agencies rely on TranSystems’ in-depth expertise and web-based software when organization, accuracy, and access are crucial to their public comment and response analysis.

The right tools are essential; TranSystems relies on Comment Entry and Response Tracking (CERT). CERT is user-friendly web-based software developed specifically for our government clients. CERT organizes comment letter files and attachments, comment summaries, and agency responses in one convenient and always up-to-date system. Frequent monitoring of the Federal Docket Management System (FDMS) gives TranSystems timely access to the comment letter files, which we upload to CERT. There is never a need for agency staff to search FDMS for comment related documents.

TranSystems knows that accuracy is critical to our clients’ comment summary and response work. Experience allows us to identify and evaluate the significant issues and organize them into logical groupings, which streamlines response efforts. CERT also gives unparalleled access to the comment summary and responses through the Internet. There is no problematic software to install -- all you need is access to the Internet and a web browser. CERT’s web-based feature also coordinates activities among a geographically dispersed comment/response team. In addition, CERT’s user-friendly reporting functions provide almost limitless report variations in multiple file formats.

TranSystems has applied our public comment and response expertise to numerous projects that involve significant rulemaking activities sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
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