Supply Chain

Senior executives are increasingly concerned about market differentiation, trading partner collaboration, product life cycles, KPI’s, throughput, transportation, inventory, labor, system visibility, revenues, margins, return on assets, shareholder value, compliance issues, cost containment including healthcare and workers compensation; and, possibly, threats such as natural disasters, offshore competition and homeland security.

TranSystems helps organizations improve supply chain performance through supply chain strategy, facilities and strategic master planning, operations consulting, simulations, supply chain technology and systems.

The challenge for supply chain executives is how to tighten performance, transportation, and inventory levels while maintaining customer service levels. TranSystems staff works with clients taking them through a very specific process to create broader senior-level understanding as well as informed solutions for the specific supply chain infrastructure, technology, and systems initiatives that are being considered. The first step in this process is securing data to ensure a baseline that matches the current bench model. The second step is to develop a high-level, supply chain value proposition that identifies specifically where and how performance improvement will impact the P & L, balance sheet, and other financial measures watched by corporate owners and stakeholders. 

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