Civil Engineering

TranSystems specializes in civil engineering for industrial, commercial, maritime, government installations and sites, as well as for transportation infrastructure.  We provide site drainage, utilities, lighting and landscaping. From award-winning highways, interchanges, and bridges, to some of the world’s busiest intermodal yards, largest distribution centers, most sustainable aircraft hangars, and longest rail bridge flyovers – we provide infrastructure that accomplishes its goals of driving our economy and fulfilling government missions.

Our specialties include intermodal, distribution, air cargo, hangar, transit, and terminal facilities for clients such as the Ports of Portland , Tacoma and Miami; the US Army and Air Force; Lynxs Group; Delta and American Airlines; Pepsi; Conway Freight Lines; FedEx and Toyota.  Numerous municipal and state transportation and transit authorities attest to the quality and economy of our designs, developed with comprehensive stakeholder input and coordination.  Class I railroads trust us to plan, design and manage their major track and rail yard expansion projects.

Our planning and design efforts enable our clients to maximize the assets of the site or corridor and provide efficient, long-lived facilities. Our overall master plans become effective instruments for future development and expansion. 

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