Supply Chain Systems and Technology

Supply chain management faces the dual role of managing constantly changing operations within constrained budgets, while at the same time keeping an eye towards the most cost-effective, risk-averse investments in supply chain systems and technology for the future. The breadth of technology and systems from bar code, voice, and RFID to planning, inventory management, warehouse control and warehouse, labor, yard, transportation and visibility management systems has grown dramatically in the past five years. The implementation of these tools can significantly enhance the speed, accuracy and visibility of material flow into and through manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and delivery to the ultimate consumer. The challenge for many companies is sifting through the alternatives to identify that solution or combination of solutions that will best meet requirements while providing an attractive return on investment.

TranSystems provides a structured methodology beginning with a thorough examination of business goals, current and projected activity profiles, related metrics, operating rules and processes and gaps to assure that opportunities for improvement in these areas are carefully addressed before looking at new tools.

With a strong team of professionals and much experience implementing Tier One and Tier Two Supply Chain Systems, TranSystems has helped clients with planning and forecasting, inventory optimization, supply chain visibility and order, warehouse, inventory, transportation, labor and yard management systems. This knowledge capital is used to help our clients quickly identify the most cost-effective solution to meet their needs.

Clients that can benefit from these initiatives include companies investigating technology and systems that will enable them to enhance current supply chain performance; and manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and 3PLs looking to replace or validate and maximize existing investments in supply chain technology and systems.

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