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Understanding the financial plan or funding mechanism behind our client’s projects can open unlimited opportunities for future design work. TranSystems has worked with a number of municipal clients to help find and develop alternative funding sources for their transportation improvements. Our goal is to leverage our clients’ dollars to maximize construction during each fiscal year.

TranSystems has developed a benchmark for taking clients through the process of developing and submitting grant applications. The first step is to identify and understand the various federal and state funding programs, and which are appropriate for our clients’ projects. The second step is to work with our clients to develop a priority for projects contained within their multi-year capital improvements program. Next, we prepare applications and work with the funding agencies to secure the funding needed to implement the projects.

This approach enables our clients to secure outside funding and implement projects that would otherwise “sit on a shelf” until local dollars become available. In addition, the application process provides our clients with an accurate scoping document, which helps to identify early constraints.

TranSystems provides full service to municipalities and counties in developing strategies and utilizing alternative funding for transportation improvements. Our aim is to associate costs with the agency that it will benefit, whether it is the FHWA, IDOT, counties, park districts, railroad companies, or private development.
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