Public Outreach and Community Involvement

Many projects in the public sector require solicitation of the public, or public involvement, on a variety of project types – whether structural, architectural, planning, real estate, operational, or environmental. Public involvement is integral to TranSystems’ approach to planning and preliminary engineering assignments including those in both urban and rural areas.

Our public and stakeholder involvement services include neighborhood meetings; stakeholder meeting facilitation; environmental justice outreach; “before and after” photo renderings; simulation modeling and animations; Web site development and maintenance; newsletter content, layout and distribution; public meeting preparation and leadership, media contact, news releases, and advertising; and presentations to public officials and agencies.

We view public input as an integral project development, design and project management function. We believe that public involvement efforts are best developed and managed by the team members who have an integral role in the study process coupled with significant experience in public involvement in transportation projects. TranSystems is skilled in communicating with a variety of audiences, including residents, business owners, interest groups, neighborhood leaders and local officials, including those that may be viewed as special populations, as well as state and federal agency representatives. While other firms may subcontract these tasks, we have spent years building a strong team with a successful track record of getting buy-in from diverse stakeholders.

Our clients include numerous DOTs and municipalities; the Environmental Protection Agency and other government agencies; metropolitan planning organizations; and other local, state, regional, and national organizations.

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