Building Due Diligence

As site consultants in a wide range of market sectors, with intimate experience in facility design, construction of new facilities, and brownfield development, TranSystems brings unparalleled expertise in providing due diligence services and site selection analysis. Our experienced evaluators, all at the principal level, leave no stone unturned in researching and breaking down the essential information you need to make executive decisions about current assets and/or future investments based on logistical dynamics.

TranSystems Building Due Diligence services, include: phase I environmental assessment, phase II environmental report, site analysis, energy evaluation, transportation cost analysis, work  force comparison, land use and permitting, surveying, right-of-way, cost estimating and master planning.

In performing due diligence, our experts have contributed to identifying prospects for industrial developers who are casting a wide net for transportation-related development opportunities across the United States. At the other end of the spectrum, we have assisted numerous transportation clients on targeted projects, for example, evaluating seven sites in two cities for US Holland with the specific goal of replacing two of their outgrown service center facilities. TranSystems expertise in site selection is differentiated from others in that we can also evaluate the constructability of the site, meaning which site will be less expensive to build upon than the next.   

Avoiding a negative-return investment is just as important, if not more so, than making the best choice from available alternatives.  For Con-Way Freight, TranSystems' due diligence efforts uncovered entrance geometry and Interstate access problems at a proposed site, in addition to environmental contamination from an adjacent diesel fuel tank. TranSystems recommended an alternate, adjacent 33-acre parcel without environmental problems on which the replacement service center was ultimately constructed, avoiding expensive mitigation mandates.


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